Not all fusion units are born equal.

Devices are needed that are not only mobile, easy to transport and adaptable, but also impress with theirstraightforward handling and innovative technology. We now possess the best solution for processing house connections for nominal diameters up to d180 and beyond. The new FRIAMAT 8 Mini electrofusion unit impresses all with its performance and safety. Ideal for house connections, the FRIAMAT 8 Mini combines maximum quality with a low weight for optimum handling on any construction site. Made in Germany and based on over 50 years of global experience.

Light. Strong. Efficient.

For reliable work on house connections
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Unbeatable price-performance ratio
As a lightweight superstar, the FRIAMAT 8 Mini also guarantees well-known quality combined with significant cost advantages

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Reliable performance
The FRIAMAT 8 Mini stands for reliable fusion processes, longlasting connections and an impressive service life

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Absolute safety
Active Cooling, PreCheck function and traceability – innovative functions for absolutely safe work processes

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Scan wirelessly
Simply via smartphone or Bluetooth scanner

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Completely language-independent
Smart and intuitive LED interface Control panel with status information on fusion progress via multicoloured LEDs

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Fully digital
Operability, control, process control and other functions via WorkFlow app

Efficient. Safe. Cool.

Functions with a focus on performance for house connections

Made for smart working

With the digital assistant WorkFlow

The FRIAMAT 8 Mini revolutionizes the way work is done on construction sites.

This makes working on house connections easier and smarter than ever before. With the WorkFlow app you can not only do “digital” electrofusion, but also adjust everything related to the electrofusion process effortlessly via the app. The smartphone connects to the FRIAMAT 8 Mini and enables:

  • Full operability and control of the FRIAMAT 8 Mini
  • Individualization and monitoring of the electrofusion process
  • Reading and further processing of the electrofusion protocols for digital documentation
  • Individual device settings
  • Live display (voltage/frequency/temperature) of the device status
  • Over-the-air software update via WiFi


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