The Customer Portal is the entry point to the digital service world of Aliaxis Germany. Here you will find extended information and applications on all our topics. This area, which is open to you after registration, will be successively expanded by us in order to provide you with the best service online as well. You can access the portal via the registration button in the top right navigation. 

Company registration

For some applications in our portal, which give access to information relevant to your company, you need a company registration. In the following video, this extended registration is described.

Invite employees to the company account

After the successful registration of the company, employees who have registered in advance in our portal can then be invited to the company. Only in this way is it possible to jointly access certain applications.

Giving employees permissions for modules

The company administrator, usually the one who registered the company, can give the invited employees access rights to the available modules. Modules with a lock symbol are applications for which authorisation is required. An employee without authorisation cannot use the corresponding modules.

Document Center

The Document Centre is one of the modules for which a company registration is required, as it provides access to invoices, order confirmations, delivery notes, service reports and cost estimates. After successful company registration, the company admin can access this application. He can also give access to this module to other employees of the company.
There are 2 forms of authorisation for this module:

  1. Delivery notes = access to delivery notes.
  2. Price information = access to invoices, order confirmations, etc.

You can see how authorisation and inviting employees is done in the videos above.