Dirty Job. Clean Data.

WorkFlow is our cutting-edge system that lets you document your work directly on site. Without changing location. Without any paperwork. Without any risk. Our WorkFlow system – comprising the fusion unit, WorkFlow Mobile and WorkFlow Web – has no unnecessary gimmicks. Just security and transparency! It is easy to use and enables efficient tracking, saving time and nerves. Data is sent from the smartphone to where it belongs: the office. 


It’s this easy: 
Install. Click. Done.
With WorkFlow, you are not looking back.


Warum WorkFlow?

WorkFlow For cities and municipalities

For city and municipal construction projects, the ability to track every work step means everything in terms of security and control. Thanks to the WorkFlow digital assistant, both are guaranteed – with no ifs or buts, and no time-consuming requests for information. Data is available to everyone in the administration at all times, prepared in the way you want and need it. Without you having to do anything.

  • Traceability of all work activities 
  • Significantly minimised risks
  • Secure data transmission using SSL encryption
  • Certified to the strictest standards
Warum WorkFlow?

WorkFlow For the construction industry

Smart construction sites save time and minimise mistakes – or better still, prevent them altogether. This is possible with WorkFlow, a digital and mobile assistant developed for precisely this purpose. With a reliable overview of all work steps. And best of all, it saves on labour. If there aren’t enough helping hands on the construction site, with WorkFlow you only need your own.

  • Traceability of all work activities 
  • Greater transparency thanks to digital protocols 
  • Simplified on-site installation 
  • Timesaving thanks to automated protocol generation 
    Better damage limitation 

WorkFlow works – and this is how:

Everything in sight. Everything under control.

A separate report for each fusion process in the pipeline network with its own fusion protocol, adding, printing and distributing documents, photos and geodata, information on components and map views individually - and all this on endless sheets of paper. Not anymore! Because the smart digital solution manages it for you.


Scrape, clean, install the component, scan the barcode, fuse – so far the same. With WorkFlow Mobile support, important information is added to the fusion protocol during the fusion process, e.g. GPS data to record the component’s location, or photos to document its proper installation.


Paperless, in real time, with secure encryption: WorkFlow Mobile transfers all data to the WorkFlow cloud, where the data is immediately sorted, processed and stored. The corresponding protocols can be accessed anytime and anywhere by anyone who is authorised to do so – and by no-one else.


All protocols, images, components and many other pieces of information such as the construction site where each component was installed, or which fusion unit was used – all of this can also be accessed centrally from a desk on the construction site or in the office, via WorkFlow Web. Complete records for each construction site in a separate project.

Digitalisation with WorkFlow

System & Technology

With the smart combination of mobile app, web interface and secure cloud, all data from your Bluetooth enabled fusion units is managed in real time. WorkFlow Mobile and WorkFlow Web run on our cloud architecture – 24x7 lightning fast via SSL secure data connections to our high-performance servers. These are equipped with latest generation processors. Powerful technology for the construction site that also makes no compromises on security in the cloud – thanks to internationally recognised ISO/IEC 27001 certification.

WorkFlow is compatible with smartphones with iOS 9 and Android 7 and above. Start with your digital construction site today, download the app now!


WorkFlow in action
Success Stories from the construction site

The system – a quick explanation

WorkFlow in 60 seconds

From fusion protocols to geodata, photos and comments – the digital assistant simplifies, accelerates and enhances the documentation and management of your construction projects. How does it work? It is so fast and efficient that we can explain it in 60 seconds. Take a minute of your time and take our word for it: construction site management has never been so easy!

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