Important customer information regarding the FRIAMAT software update

The following FRIAMAT universal fusion units are now equipped with a software update function for end customers:

  • FRIAMAT 7 (prime, basic)
  • FRIAMAT eco (prime, print, basic | from 2018)

The current software version can be downloaded from our customer portal in the "FRIAMAT Software Update" module.

Check out the software version for the FRIAMAT universal fusion unit:

  1. The current software version is located in the FRIAMAT main menu under:
    "Info" > "Device Information" > "SW-HMI".

  2. If the software version (short form: SW version) for the FRIAMAT universal fusion unit corresponds to the "Old SW Version", which is indicated in the software update table, then the software update can subsequently be downloaded and installed.

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that only all software versions beginning with FU67 can be updated as part of the update of our customer software.

If you are using a software version that is not listed or does not start with FU67, we unfortunately cannot bring it up to the latest status automatically. In this case, it is necessary for us to carry out this update during a scheduled service.

Installing the software update:

Please proceed as shown below in order to install the software update on the FRIAMAT universal fusion unit:

  1. Download the software update as a "zip file" and then copy it onto an empty USB stick. ATTENTION! Do not unpack the zip file.
  2. Connect the USB stick to the FRIAMAT universal fusion unit and execute the software update automatically via the > "Basic Settings" > "Update” icons located in the main menu.

Please refer to the respective current operating instructions for additional information regarding the software update. This information can be found directly under "Downloads” or in the product catalogue for the respective FRIAMAT universal fusion unit.