• Fast, easy and safe to install​​ with the RED SNAP – universal for gas- and water use​
  • Particularly hygienic​​ through to the use of suitable and approved materials​
  • Durable and economical​​

Thanks to superior, long lasting material properties and​ perfect fit onto the pipe​ with corresponding installation kit DBS

The DAV with RED SNAP​ offers up to 50% shorter installation times*

*Installation times = Scraping, cleaning, installation onto the pipe, fusion- and cooling time up to the tapping process depend on function and user in individual cases.​

Example: DAV d 110/ d 32 – in principle transferable for the whole product family

In addition to the fast assembly and simple alignment on the pipe, no further control for the proper clamping needed: Clamping instead of screws, with tools.

Better hygenic performance, a new „design & material selection makes it possible“

  • Tapping with the rotating –puncher made of stainless steel in average with a reduction of turns
  • Ideal – Shape of the thread prevents deposits and delivered perfect flow conditions (low pressure-loss).
  • Use of suitable materials, acc. to the latest drinking water requirements​​
  • PE100 & selection of the used materials incl. sealings with extra small contact areas. 


Perfect fit onto the pipe  & superior long lasting materials in combination​

  • The RED SNAP enables the perfect fit onto the pipe, easy and reliable
  • Optimal energy penetration due to uncovered heating coils, ideal constructive design of the fusion zone in relation to the pressurised area
  • New installation kit DBS with locking system ac. to DVGW process sheet GW336, with optional foam rubber ring