Y-piece Y SDR 11

  • Gas and water
  • Maximum pressure: Gas 10 bar; Water 16 bar
  • Material; PE 100
  • Safety technology
  • DVGW test mark: DV-8601AU2248
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PE 100 SDR 11

Maximum permissible working pressure 16 bar (water) / 10 bar (gas)

SKU d B L t1 t2 Weight kg BX PU
640034 32-32-40 92 205 50 56 0,230 28 504
640036 40-40-50 115 219 56 60 0,340 18 324

The FRIALEN Y- and YS-pieces can be fused with pipes made of PE 100, PE 100 Plus Geo CR or PE 100-RC of the SDR levels 11 to 17.6.

SKZ symbol A 500 (SKZ HR 3.26)

Area of application

The FRIALEN Y-pieces are used for the connection of FRIALEN borehole heat exchanger pipes to be able to operate two or more circuits via a shut-off element or to quickly and efficiently cre­ate a direct connection to the heat pump. FRIALEN Y-pieces have a smooth, hydraulically optimised internal contour for optimal flow conditions.

Assembly instructions

The connection of the pipes with FRIALEN Y-pieces made by FRIALEN electro­fusion is leak-proof and lon­gitudinally strong.

The PE spigot end of the YS-pieces as well as the borehole heat exchangers- and connection pipes, made of PE 100 or PE 100 plus Geo CR respectively PE 100-RC, get prepared (removing oxide layer/cleaning), according to the general assembly instructions (see “Assembly Instructions” for “FRIALEN-Safety Fittings for house connections and distribution pipes up to d 225”) and can be used for example with a FRIALEN elbow 90°.

Many good reasons for using the FRIALEN Y-pieces:

  • 8 mm coupler extension of the Y-piece for more safety when installing coiled pipe because of long guiding- and holding zones

  • less space required thanks to compact design

  • reduces installation time thanks to integrated fusion couplers giving simultaneously processing safety

  • leak-proof, lon­gitudinally strong connection

  • exposed, fixed heating coil for direct heat transfer to the pipe

  • maximum stability through great wall thickness

  • fusion indicators for visual fusion control

  • barcode for fully automatic fusion with HDPE pipes from SDR stages 11 to 17.6, taking into consideration the ambient temperature (temperature compensation)

  • flexible use enabled due the variation of either Y-piece (3 x coupler) or YS-piece (2 x coupler,1 x spigot end)

  • additional barcode for tracing back the component part (Traceability-Coding)

  • durable batch marking

  • individual foil wrap to prevent dirtying at building site

  • touch proof electric contacts

  • small annular gap for build-up of optimum joining pressure in the fusion zone


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