Vacuum-loading sewage saddle

Sewage saddle vacuum loading ASA VL, SDR 17

  • For the integration of large-volume branch pipes to collectors made of HD-PE with little effort, minimal foundation engineering and without interruption of operation
  • HD-PE saddle with safety technology
  • When using SDR 17/17,6 pipes, the outlet spigot d 225 provide a passage with an equal base
  • Can be fused with FRIAFIT couplers AM or transition socket AMKG d 225 on PVC/PP DN 200
  • Innovative vacuum clamping technology for reliable bridging of even large pipe ovality and shape deviations, which additionally provides the possibility of a tightness test before drilling


Can be used with the vacuum pump VACUPUMP only (Order No. 613827) and the corresponding plunger PRESSKO (Order No. 613823).

For pressure-free tapping, we recommend our drilling equipment FWAB (Order No. 613835).

The ASA VL assembly aid (Order No. 613371) is also required for cross-dimensional processing.

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PE 100Maximum permissible working pressure 2.5 bar (sewage)

PE 100

Maximum permissible working pressure 2.5 bar (sewage)

SKU d1 d2 B1 B2 H1 H2 s t Weight kg BX PU
682640 355 225 425 359 322 152 13,4 144 3,080 1 4
682641 450 225 425 376 287 117 13,4 144 2,900 1 6
682642 560 225 425 412 277 107 13,4 144 3,065 1 6
682643 630 225 425 416 263 96 13,4 144 3,080 1 6

Sewage pipe systems are high-value assets of a value which should be maintained for a long time. Increasing demands on the connecting pipes require materials which meet these criteria. HD-PE sewage pipes have been fused for many years with the FRIAFIT HD-PE sewage system tightly, friction-locked and root-proof.

Area of application

Large connections in d225 have hitherto been produced with spigot reducers which are integrated into the drain with the help of electrofusion couplers. Any subsequent production of connecting pipes is only possible in a time-consuming way by blocking and separating the main drain. The FRIAFIT sewage saddle ASA-VL now facilitates a direct connection without interrupting the operation – cost-effectively, easily and reliably.

FRIAFIT sewage saddle ASA-VL with vacuum clamping unit:

Optimised and construction site-appropriate installation method for sewage saddles. The clamping force of the saddle required for fusion and build-up of the joining pressure is applied by a vacuum. This only requires a compressor usual for construction sites and the VACUSET. Typical out-of-roundnesses and shape deviations of the pipe can be bridged by the clamping method.

Your benefit – simple assembly!

The sewage saddle ASA-VL also permits creating largevolume branches at main pipes with less effort, minimal underground work and above all without interrupting the operation.

The saddle can be fixed at any position on the pipe. Thanks to the clamping method specifically developed, only access to the covered saddle area is required. Specifically in the case of connections to existing pipelines, the bedding in the pipeline zone is only disturbed when absolutely necessary.

Your benefit: Little time required!

Commissioning is possible with only a few actions. Short assembly, fusion and cooling times, and a quick tapping

permit a branch to be completed in almost no time at all!

NEW! Overall dimension processing

For the installation of the ASA-VL use additionally to the clamping unit VACUSET XL the ASA-VL mounting aid. Please observe the processing information on the instruction leaflet and in the FRIAFIT assembly instructions.

Good reasons for the FRIAFIT sewage saddle ASA-VL

  • Innovative vacuum clamping unit for safe bridging of even large pipe out-of-roundnesses

  • Easy monitoring of the correct clamping during the fusion process through manometer reading

  • Fusion taking into consideration the ambient temperature (temperature compensation)

  • Flush tapping with tapping kit FWAB ASA for optimal hydraulic performance

  • Level when using SDR 17/17.6 connecting pipes, no drain obstructions

  • Economic production of house service connections, in particular in case of high building coverage

  • HD-PE saddle with exposed heating coil for optimal heat transfer



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