Repair sleeve

Repair sleeve RW

  • For the repair of water-house connection pipes in a pressure-free condition.
  • Prevents water from entering the fusion zone of the FRIALEN couplers MB or UB.


Dimension d means: Repair sleeve for pipe d xy.

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Only suitable for pipe SDR 11

SKU d d1 d2 L L1 L1 Weight kg BX PU
615127 32 21 27 35 16 16 0,004 50 4500
615128 40 28 34 35 16 16 0,005 50 2500
615129 50 36 42 35 16 16 0,007 50 2500
615130 63 46 53 47 22 22 0,012 40 2000

Dimension d means: Repair sleeve for pipe d xy

Areas of Application

The FRIALEN-Repair Sleeve is used for the repair of house connection water pipes in the depressurised state. The Repair Sleeve prevents the ingress of water into the fused area of the FRIALEN-Couplers MB or UB.

Assembly Instructions

The pipe is parted and the damaged piece is taken out. A new piece of pipe is made to fit. Two FRIALEN-Couplers are pushed onto this. The Repair Sleeves are pushed into the existing pieces of pipeline and the new made to measure piece of pipe positioned between them. The couplers are then fitted halfway over the sleeves and fused.

The Repair Sleeve RW is only suitable for pipe SDR 11.

One good reason for using the FRIALEN-Repair Sleeves RW:

  • For repair or connection work on domestic water connection pipes the sleeve prevents residual water from running back into the fusion zone.