Repair Saddle, SDR 11

Repair saddle RS SDR 11

  • Gas, water and H2
  • Maximum pressure: Gas 10 bar; Water 16 bar
  • Material; PE 100
  • Saddle component with clamp
  • Safety technology


Only apply to minor pipe damage.

The damage must be located within the repair area and not in the fusion zone.

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PE 100 SDR 11

Maximum permissible working pressure 16 bar (water) / 10 bar (gas)

SKU d1 B1 B2 H Weight kg BX PU
612519 63 105 104 106 0,260 20 360

FRIALEN safety fittings can be fused with SDR levels 11 to 17.6. Minimum wall thickness s minimum ≥ 3 mm. Other levels of SDR can be processed on request. Please note the mandatory labels directly on the product. DVGW test mark issued: DV-8601AU2248

Areas of Application

The FRIALEN-Reinforcing Saddles are used for the repair of minor pipe damage with no escape of fluid, especially to reinforce crushed zones and points with external damage.

Assembly Instructions

The fusion of the HD-PE pipe with the FRIALEN-Reinforcing Saddles takes place by FRIALEN-fusing – leakproof and longitudinally strong.

Both HD-PE saddles have to be prepared according to the general installation instructions (see “Assembly Instructions” for “FRIALEN-Safety Fittings for house connections and distribution pipes up to d 225”). This involves removing the oxide skin and cleaning the pipe covered by the saddles.

Good reasons for using the FRIALEN-RS:

  • Compact construction

  • HD-PE saddle with exposed heating element for optimal heat transfer

  • Preassembled unit without loose parts

  • Extra wide fusion zone

  • Additional barcode for tracing back the underground fitting (Traceability-Coding)


Repair Saddle, SDR 11
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