Reducer, SDR 17 for Relining

Reducer REM, SDR 17 for Relining

  • Gas and water
  • Maximum pressure: Gas 5 bar; Water 10 bar
  • Material; PE 100
  • Problem solver for pipe refurbishment work (relining)
  • Safety technology
  • Separate fusion zone
  • Preheating technology
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PE 100 SDR 17

Maximum permissible working pressure 10 bar (water) / 5 bar (gas)

SKU d/DN SDR range B D h1 h2 L t Weight kg BX PU
615571 160/150 17 - 26 199 190 38 42 180 90 1,600 12 96
615576 315/300 17 - 26 355 355 78 83 300 150 7,700 1 18

Areas of Application

The FRIALEN Relining Slide-over Coupler REM is used for connection from relining pipe to standard pipe.

Additional areas of application:

  • Integration of adapters into an existing pipeline
  • Connection of pipelines with fixed or restraint points

Assembly Instructions

The fusion of pipe ends with the FRIALEN Relining Slide-over Coupler REM takes place using FRIALEN-fusing - leakproof and longitudinally strong.

The pipe ends are prepared according to the general installation instructions (see assembly instructions for "FRIALEN-safety fittings for house connections and distribution pipes up to d 225" and "FRIALEN-large pipe technique for laying large pipes and relining pipe networks"). This involves removing the oxide layer and cleaning the pipe ends. Please note that spigot of valves must be at least half as long as the coupler.

To compensate a larger annular gap (> 1 mm, max. 3 mm) between FRIALEN Relining Slide-over Coupler REM and pipe, the pre-heating barcode can be used for couplers REM d/DN 110/100 and 315/300 (see instruction leaflet packed up with the coupler).

For removal of the oxide layer, FWSG scraper tools are available which facilitate an uniform swarf removal and reproducible quality of the fusion area preparation.

Good reasons for using the FRIALEN-Relining Slide-over Coupler REM:

  • Large coupler depth for ease of pipe guiding (no holding clamps required)

  • Extra wide fusion zones

  • Maximum stability through great wall thickness

  • Cold zones at the front side and in the middle of the coupler

  • Exposed heating coil for direct heat transmission to the pipe

  • Small annular gap for build-up of optimum joining pressure in the fusion zone

  • Touch proof electric contacts

  • Fusion indicators for visual fusion control

  • d/DN 110/100 and 315/300: pre-heating technique for a optimal gap-bridging

  • d/DN 315/300: External reinforcement for an ideal fusion pressure

  • Durable batch marking

  • Individually wrapped for dirt protection

  • Additional barcode for tracing back the fitting (Traceability-Coding)