Flange reducer

Flange reducer FLR

  • Water
  • Maximum pressure: Water 16 bar
  • Material; PE 100 and metal insert


Metal insert in flange in order to prevent cold flow.

We recommend GST seals.

Note the screw tightening torques after specifying the seal manufacturer or DVS.

Additional washers are required.

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PE 100 SDR 11

Maximum permissible working pressure 16 bar (water)

SKU d/DN b D dk Ø k L s t Holes Weight kg BX PU
616065 110/80 25 204 17 160 161 10 82 8 3,500 3 96
616241 160/100 27 224 17 180 180 14,6 85 8 4,060 2 64

Area of Application

The FRIALEN FLR flange reducer is used as material adapter. In addition, there are specific options for the direct connection of

  • Flange valves in reduced branches in connection with a FRIALEN T-piece or a FRIALEN Spigot Saddle SA

  • Hydrants at FRIALEN elbows with base WF 90º - d 110

The compact component ensures that the reduced flange connection is achieved easily, quickly and economically.

For the vertical connection of hydrants with elbows with base unit WF 90° or T-pieces T it is necessary to regard the height of coverage.

The constructive design eliminates the familiar cold flow behaviour of HD-PE around the flange connection. Protective measures against corrosion are not required.

Processing Advice

Fusion of the pipe socket takes place according to the FRIALEN assembly instructions. Flange design according to DIN EN 1092-1. Grommets are required for the flange connections. All standard profile and flat gaskets may be used. We recommend profile gaskets type G-St. Please observe gasket manufacturers’ instructions with regards to screw torque.

Good reasons for FRIALEN FLR flange reducers:

  • Compact component for material connection and direct reduction

  • Simple valve integration

  • Fixed flange for maximum stability

  • No corrosion measures necessary for FLR

  • Safe assembly using screws, typical plastic cold flow behaviour eliminated due to intelligent construction

  • Component traceability through traceability barcode


Flange reducer
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