Transition piece PE-PVC/PP

Transition piece PE-PVC/PP UKG

  • Continuous material transfer from HD-PE pipes (SDR 33 - 17) to PVC/PP pipes
  • HD-PE side can be fused with FRIAFIT AM coupler, bend ABM/ABMS or with FRIAFIT ASA VL sewage saddles
  • PVC/PP side as coupler with SBR lip seal with large insertion depth
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PE 100

Maximum permissible test pressure 0.5 bar to DIN EN 1610

Reference d/DN L t Weight kg BX PU
682617 160/150 194 70 1,070 12 96

Sewage pipe systems are high-value assets of a value which has to be maintained for a long time. Increasing demands on the public sewage system require materials which meet these criteria. HD-PE sewage pipes have been fused for many years with the FRIAFIT HD-PE sewage system tightly, frictionlocked and root-proof.


The FRIAFIT UKG adapter serves as a smooth connection between HD-PE pipes (wall thickness ratio from SDR 33 to SDR 17) and PVC/PP pipes in service connections.


Welding the spigot part of the UKG adapter with a FRIAFIT AM d 160 coupler or a FRIAFIT ASA-TL sewage saddle, d 160 outlet, takes place using the FRIAFIT fusion method – tight and with axial force.

The UKG spigot part is prepared (remove oxidic layer/clean) according to the general installation instructions (see “installation instructions” for the FRIAFIT sewage system).

The PVC/PP pipe is inserted into the side where the push-fit coupler sits. The push-fit coupler has a SBR lip seal gasket and a large insertion depth for safe guidance of the pipe.


Spigot part

  • Safeguards tight and perfectly rooted connection with axial force

  • FRIAFIT fusion for the connection of UKG with AM coupler or ASA-TL service saddle

  • Smooth connection between materials when using HD-PE SDR 33 – SDR 17 pipe, no deposit in the area of the joint, no flow obstruction

Push-fit part

  • Safe guidance of the stoneware pipe due to large insertion depth

  • SBR lip seal gasket according to EN 681-1

  • Standardised connection between materials