Repair set

RPS repair set for retaining residual water after the water runs

  • When executing repair work and integration work on HD-PE water pipes in dimensions d 90 to d 900
  • Comprising:
    • Universal repair set with pump
    • Gauge
    • Drill
    • Connection hose
    • In addition, dimensional repair balloons

  • Optional extension kit for the universal repair set for connecting another repair balloon
  • Comprising:
    • Connection hose 3 m
    • Gauge


From dimension d 355 onwards, the drilling equipment FWAB XL 225 (Order No. 613830) is required for drilling.

When utilising the repair set up to d 225, then FRIALEN repair and reinforcing saddles VVS are required. From d 250, FRIALEN locking clamps VSC TL or FRIALEN repair saddles RS VL will be required.

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Repair set
Reference Article description Diameter Area Weight kg BX
613701 Universal repair set d 90 - d 900 2,000 -
613715 Extension kit d 90 - d 900 0,500 -
613702 Repair balloon Type 1 d 90 - d 180 0,500 -
613703 Repair balloon Type 2 d 200 - d 315 0,500 -
613704 Repair balloon Type 3 d 355 - d 450 0,500 -
613705 Repair balloon Type 4 d 500 - d 560 0,500 -
613706 Repair balloon Type 5 d 630 0,500 -
613707 Repair balloon Type 6 d 710 0,500 -
613708 Repair balloon Type 7 d 800 0,500 -
613709 Repair balloon Type 8 d 900 0,500 -
613700 Transport box - 2,100 1


The FRIATOOLS RPS repair kit with repair balloons functions as a reliable barrier against residual water discharging from the pipe.

The RPS repair kit keeps the work area dry while a electrofusion welding is being prepared for the repair of damaged or for the integration of new HDPE drinking water pipes.

The crucial difference

Having the correct tools to perform installation on site makes all the difference. We see ourselves as specialists in the electrofusion of HDPE piping systems, so our development work has also included equipment and accessories for your needs from the very outset.

We know exactly what matters and what is needed in the field, and we can offer you a range of equipment tailored to the daily challenges encountered on the building site:

Put your trust in tools that produce the perfect results.

Good reasons for using the FRIATOOLS repair kit RPR:

  • Use of the repair ballon technique for the safe retention of residual water from pipelines.

  • Suitable for repair work on damaged pipelines or for connections

  • Allows a dry working area during the processing of a electrofusion fitting in the nominal diameters d 90 - d 900

  • Consisting of universal repair kit with pump, manometer, driller and connecting hose as well as addtional repair ballons for each nominal diameter

  • Optional extension set consisting of additional connection hose and manometer

  • In order to close the bore after the repair, FRIALEN repair saddles VVS (≤ d 225) or VSC-TL, SA-XL, RS-XL (≥ d 225) are required (see price list FRIALEN)


Operating instruction