Transition coupler PE-PVC/PP

Transition coupler PE-PVC/PP AMKG

  • Continuous material transfer from HD-PE pipes (SDR 33 - 17) to PVC/PP pipes
  • HD-PE side with integrated coupler with safety technology
  • PVC/PP side as coupler with SBR lip seal with large insertion depth
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PE 100

Maximum permissible test pressure 0.5 bar to DIN EN 1610

Reference d/DN D L t Weight kg BX PU
682630 160/150 193 183,5 80 1,780 1 120
682631 225/200 270 270 100 5,820 1 32

Sewage pipe systems are high-value assets of a value which has to be maintained for a long time. Increasing demands on the public sewage system require materials which meet these criteria. HD-PE sewage pipes have been fused for many years with the FRIAFIT HD-PE sewage system tightly, frictionlocked and root-proof.


The FRIAFIT transition coupler AMKG serves as seamless material transition of pipes made of HDPE (wall thicknesses of SDR 33 to SDR 17) to pipes made of PVC/PP in house service applications.


The HD-PE end with integrated coupler is connected by FRIAFIT electrofusion - leak-tight and frictionlocked.

The pipe ends are prepared according to the general installation requirements (see “Installation instructions” for the FRIAFIT sewage system) (remove oxide layer/ clean).

A PVC/PP pipe is inserted at the slip-on coupler end. The slip-on coupler has a SBR lip seal and a large insertion depth for a secure guiding of the pipe.


Integrated fusion coupler end

  • Guarantees leak-tight, friction-locked and rootproof connection

  • Seamless material transition when using HD-PE pipe SDR 33-SDR 17, no protrusion in the joining area, no constriction of drainage

  • Reduction of the installation time thanks to integrated fusion coupler

  • Large coupler depth for good guiding of the pipe (no fixing devices required)

  • Exposed, fixed heating coil for direct heat transfer to the pipe

  • Barcode for fully automatic fusion with HD-PE pipes from SDR 33 to SDR 17, taking into consideration the ambient temperature (temperature compensation)

Slip-on coupler end

  • Guiding of the PVC / PP pipe thanks to a large insertion depth

  • SBR lip seal according to EN 681-1

  • Standardised material transition