Installation kit for tapping valves

Installation kit DBS

  • To operate the DAV RED SNAP from the road cap downwards
  • KlickFix (tool-free) with foam rubber
  • Wrench size SW14 (14 mm)
  • Telescopic bar:
    • Length fitting
    • Continuously adjustable (without tools)
  • Self-supporting
  • Corrosion free


The installation kit DBS is suitable for use with FRIALEN tapping valves DAV Classic and DAV RED SNAP.

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Reference RD in m lmin lmax Weight kg BX PU
616998 0,45 - 0,7 260 370 1,740 1 42
616999 0,7 - 1,0 410 670 2,150 1 42
617000 0,9 - 1,3 525 980 2,650 1 42
617001 1,2 - 1,8 860 1570 3,600 1 42
617002 1,8 - 2,7 1560 2870 3,600 1 42
617003 2,6 - 3,5 1670 3910 4,500 1 42

Other lengths available on request.

The installation equipment DBS is suitable for use with FRIALEN Tapping Valves DAV and DAV RED SNAP.

Areas of Application

The telescopic installation kit DBS enables the house connection line to be shut off and reopened by the FRIALEN pressure tapping valve DAV RED SNAP via the surface box.

In addition to the „open“ and „shut off“ functions, subsequent tapping can also be carried out.

The installation set DBS is in it‘s length range (RD = pipe covers) infinitely adjustable without tools, even when installed, and is self-supporting in every position.

Assembly Instructions

The installation kit DBS and the DAV RED SNAP form a perfectly matched unit.

Both components are connected via a 14mm square of the pressure tapping valve DAV RED SNAP. The KlickFix-System ensures pull-out safety.

The integrated locking function on the installation kit ensures a form-locked connection of the two components. An unintentional loosening is thus prevented (see Fig. below).

Good reasons for DBS installation kit for pressure tapping valves DAV RED SNAP:

  • Easy and safe installation

  • Installation set can adjusted in the stated range (see table Lmin and Lmax) without the use of tools

  • Self-supporting in all telescopic positions

  • Safe from being pulled out

  • Corrosion resistant

  • The telescopic installation kit can be adjusted in place even if filled

  • With the integrated locking function in the sleeve tube bell of the installation kit, a permanent and longitudinal force-fit connection with the DAV RED SNAP is ensured. This prevents unintentional release of the installation kit

  • A foam rubber ring, which can optionally be used, in the sleeve tube bell ensures that no dirt can penetrate

  • Compact construction → ideal and safe torque transmission onto the DAV RED SNAP

  • Connexion pins made of stainless steel

  • Break-proof dome coupler

  • Parts of the protective pipe are fully welded together

  • The installation kit DBS is usable for FRIALEN pressure tapping valves DAV and DAV RED SNAP