Compact scraper tool for pipe ends and outlet spigots d 25 - d 63

Dimension-bound compact scraper tool FWSG RA

  • Metal version
  • Safe removal of the oxide layer from HD-PE and PE-Xa pipes and from outlet spigots on FRIALEN fittings
  • Extra-long scraper length
  • Scraper blade made of hard metal with 2 cutting edges (double life)
  • Automatic compensation of pipe ovally and tolerances
  • Operation by hand, with hand crank or battery-operated screwdriver.


Practical plastic case to hold dimensions d 32 - d 63 available as an accessory (without compact scraper tools).

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Compact scraper tool for pipe ends and outlet spigots d 25 - d 63
Reference Article description SDR Diameter Area Weight kg BX
613576 FWSG RA 25 11 d 25 0,400 1
613580 FWSG RA 32 11 d 32 0,400 1
613581 FWSG RA 40 11 d 40 0,500 1
613582 FWSG RA 50 11 d 50 0,600 1
613583 FWSG RA 63 11 d 63 0,700 1
613579 Crank handle - d 25 - d 63 0,130 1
613586 FWSG RA case - d 32 - d 63 0,125 -


FRIATOOLS scraper tools for the perfect preparation of HDPE pipe surfaces: Consistently uniform removal of oxide layers for the perfect electrofusion.

The crucial difference

Having the correct tools to perform installation on site makes all the difference. We see ourselves as spe­cialists in the electrofusion of HDPE piping systems, so our development work has also included equipment and accessories for your needs from the very outset.

We know exactly what matters and what is needed in the field, and we can offer you a range of equipment tailored to the daily challenges en­countered on the building site:

FRIATOOLS scraper tools for all pipe diameters and for a wide range of scrape lengths and saddle surfaces. These safeguard a uniform removal of material and reproducible quality for the optimal processing and reliable fusion of HDPE pipes.

Put your trust in tools that produce the perfect results.

Good reasons for the FRIATOOLS scraper tools FWSG RA:

  • Reliable removal of oxide layers on PE 80, PE 100, and PE-X pipes

  • Reliable scraping of pipe ends and outlets of fittings, e.g. DAA, DAV, DAP

  • Extra-long scraping length, also for FRIALONG long couplers

  • Automatic compensation of pipe out-of-roundness and tolerances

  • Operation with cordless screwdriver or manual

  • Quick clamping and easy handling with little effort

  • Light-weight and compact design for working even in most confined space conditions

  • Scraper blade designed as turning blade with 2 cutting edges (twice the service life)