Conical ring coupler, SDR 17

Conical ring couplers KM SDR 17

  • Gas and water
  • Maximum pressure: Gas 5 bar; Water 10 bar
  • Material; PE 100
  • Combination of coupler and clamping coupler
  • Problem solver (pipe ovally and different diameters)
  • Safety technology
  • Separate fusion zone


Only one FRIAMAT XL is to be utilised, which is available as a loan device under the Order No. 613091.

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PE 100 SDR 17

Maximum permissible working pressure 10 bar (water) / 5 bar (gas)

SKU d Tolerance range d-pipe D L Weight kg BX PU
616535 355 0/+8 497 705 36,500 1 1
616536 400 0/+8 550 730 46,000 1 1
616537 450 0/+8 602 750 54,000 1 1
616539 560 0/+10 730 850 88,100 1 1
616523 630 0/+11 805 940 135,000 1 1
616541 800 0/+13 1005 1065 207,000 1 1
616434 1000 -4/+9 1245 1145 350,000 1 1
616435 1200 0/+12 1450 1290 500,000 1 1

FRIALEN conical ring couplers KM-XL can be fused with SDR level 17 to 17.6 pipes.

Processing of other SDR levels on request. Please note the mandatory labels directly on the product.

Areas of Application

FRIALEN conical ring couplers KM XL greatly simplify connections on pipes exhibiting large ovalities and tolerances and flattened points.

Assembly Instructions

The conical ring coupler KM XL features a unique flexible conical ring coupler technology that adapts it to pipe surface irregularities. This variable range of diameter tolerances can also offset large tolerances on the pipe’s outer diameter and ovality. Installation can proceed after the one scraping process only, without retaining devices and rounding clamps (for pipe ovalities up to 6%).

The preparations (removing the oxide layer/cleaning) and the assembly work (conical ring activation / fusion) are described in the general assembly instructions (see the instructions for the FRIALEN conical ring coupler KM XL).

The fusion of the pipe ends with the conical ring coupler KM XL takes place by FRIALEN-fusing – leakproof and longitudinally strong.

The conical ring coupler KM XL must be fused exclusively with the powerful fusion unit FRIAMAT XL fitted with a Y plug. The FRIAMAT XL is a universal solution operating with an input voltage of 400 V and output voltage of max 80 V.

The conical ring coupler KM XL d 1200 must be fused twice on both coupler sides (separate fusion of inside conical ring and outside conical ring).

Good reasons for the FRIALEN conical ring coupler KM XL:

  • Compact design

  • Maximum stability thanks to large wall thicknesses

  • Exposed heating coil for direct heat transfer to the pipe

  • The mechanical flexible conical ring technology can minimise the gap width

  • Easy and reliable installation, also on large pipe ovalities and tolerances and on local flattening

  • One scraping process only to remove the oxide layer is enough

  • No additional processing tools necessary like alignment clamps or rounding clamps

  • Touch proof electric contacts

  • Durable batch marking

  • Individually wrapped for dirt protection

  • Additional barcode for tracing back the fitting (Traceability-Coding).