The current wording of the general conditions of use pertaining to the customer portal at can be viewed and printed out under the “General terms and conditions” section found in the footer at The following special conditions of use apply additionally to use of the “Document Centre” module in the customer portal of ALIAXIS Deutschland GmbH, Steinzeugstrasse 50, 68229 Mannheim, Germany (henceforth ALIAXIS Deutschland) and the services offered to the customer there.

I. Requirements for use, log in to use

  1. In order to access and use the “Document Centre” module, it is necessary to log in via the customer portal of ALIAXIS Deutschland as a company user, using the company access details, in accordance with the general terms and conditions for the customer portal at Acceptance of the general conditions of use for the customer portal at is required in order to log in.
  2. Furthermore, in order to use the “Document Centre” module these special conditions of use for the module must be accepted when the “Document Centre” module launches for the first time. The current version of these special conditions of use can also be viewed under the “General terms and conditions” section in the footer at

II. Possible uses of the module and module content

  1. Via the “Document Centre” module, company users can view documents placed there by ALIAXIS Deutschland (e.g. copies of invoices, order confirmations, delivery notes, packing lists, service reports, cost estimates), download such documents and save them for their own use.
  2. Documents shall be provided in appropriate electronic file formats (e.g. Portable Document Format (PDF)).
  3. For company users who are subject to accounting requirements, it cannot currently be guaranteed that the tax authorities will recognise documents provided in the “Document Centre” module. ALIAXIS Deutschland points out that the printout of an electronic document constitutes a copy and may not be legally equivalent to an original for use as evidence or for tax purposes. If copies of invoices or duplicates are placed in the “Document Centre” module, they shall be marked as such.
  4. In particular, the “Document Centre” module does not offer any retention or archiving function for company users, and in particular not for tax law or commercial law purposes.
  5. The “Document Centre” module does not currently offer an electronic mailbox function, i.e. it is not a receiving system for receiving electronic mail. In particular, ALIAXIS Deutschland may continue to access and modify documents placed in the “Document Centre” module, and may also remove them from it.
  6. Company users are not able to directly delete any or all documents provided for them in the “Document Centre” module. Company users cannot upload and/or save documents in the “Document Centre” module.

III. User’s responsibilities

Company users are responsible for fulfilling their own retention, documentation and auditing obligations, in particular with regard to invoices, supporting documents and commercial correspondence (“Handelsbriefe”). This applies in particular to the tamper-proof archiving of tax-relevant documents.

IV. Changes and additions to “Document Centre” functions

The “Document Centre” module is constantly being improved. If new document types become available for use, ALIAXIS Deutschland will offer the company user a corresponding extension of the “Document Centre” module two months before the change comes into effect. The provisions for changes to the conditions of use as set out in the general conditions of use for the customer portal at shall apply.


Last revised: February 2021