New pressure tapping valve in action
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In the runup to the launch of the new FRIALEN pressure tapping valve DAV there was an installation in Backnang – and a wealth of convincing results.

Backnang is about 20 kilometres northeast of Stuttgart. Here all is right with the world. Yet the COVID-19 restrictions had delayed the scheduled integration of the domestic gas ser-vice by several weeks. By the end of June 2020, the go was given. Our team was on site and accompanied the customer, the municipal utility Stadtwerke Backnang, through the work.

The installation conditions presented a classical scenario; solely the very narrow streets posed a challenge.

As a measure to minimise surface effects, no trenches were excavated, but an impact mole used to “shoot” the d 32 mm domestic service pipe to the target head hole. Thanks to the FRIALEN scraper tool FWSG SE 110, the preparations for the d 110 mm saddle were made quickly and easily.

Fitting the new FRIALEN DAV proved easier and faster than expected.

The installer very quickly saw the wide reaching benefits of the new RED SNAP clamping technology. After just one “clack”, the pressure tapping valve sits securely. There is no need for awkward bolting and readjustments. This keeps the installation work to the bare mini-mum. Tools are unnecessary.The installation made use of our new fusion unit FRIAMAT Prime. Its operation and key functions like documentation are steered by smartphone. For instance, photos and GPS data can be incorporated quickly and easily. At the end of the work, the site data can be sent directly to the office.The installation of the new FRIALEN DAV has convinced the Stadtwerke Backnang. They decided to use our solution as their standard in future.

Safe and fast installations thanks to FRIALEN DAV with RED SNAP.
Told, done, connected.


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