Transition saddle top loading

The FRIAFIT transition saddle ASA TL KG is a compact component consisting of a fusion saddle with an integral fusion coupler at its outlet (d 160). The FRIAFIT transition saddle is used to connect PVC/PP DN 150 sewer pipes to an existing HD-PE main sewer. With exposed heating element for optimal heat transfer. Tapping area free of heating wires. The FRIAFIT transition saddle is fixed onto the pipe using the FWFIT clamping and drilling unit (see application picture and product range FRIATOOLS order no. 613480) and tapping takes place after the specified cooling time.

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PE 100

Maximum testing pressure 0.5 bar in accordance to DIN EN 1610

SKU d1 d2 DN BX PU t H1 H2 B1 B2 Weight kg
682624 225 160 150 8 64 76 165 94 270 230 1,192
682625 280 160 150 10 80 76 143 72 270 240 1,106
682626 315 160 150 10 80 76 139 68 270 250 1,106
682627 355 160 150 10 80 76 129 58 270 255 1,106
682628 450 160 150 10 80 76 117 46 270 255 1,136
682629 500/560/630 160 150 10 80 76 117 46 270 255 1,136

For the assembly on close-fit-liner and d 560 and d 630 please contact our hotline +49 621 486-1896.

For the assembly on close-fit-liner and d 560 and d 630 please contact our hotline +49 621 486-1896.

Sewage pipe systems are high-value assets of a value which has to be maintained for a long time. Increasing demands on the public sewage system require materials which meet these criteria. HDPE sewage pipes have been fused for many years with the FRIAFIT HDPE sewage system tightly, frictionlocked and root-proof.

Areas of application

House service connections to HDPE sewers: Direct transition option of house service pipings made of PVC/PP by using the integrated plug-in sleeve DN 150. The plug-in sleeve has a SBR lip seal and a large insertion depth for a secure guiding of the pipe.

The FRIAFIT transition saddle ASA-TL/KG facilitates the production of sewage house service connections without having to disconnect the existing HDPE sewer.

Notes on processing

The component part is fixed on the pipe with the clamping and tapping tool FWFIT specifically developed for this purpose and is tapped flush and in a time-saving way after having cooled down after fusion.

For the preparation for the fusion of the ASA-TL/KG saddles, please see the FRIAFIT installation and the FWFIT operating instructions.

Good reasons for the FRIAFIT transition saddle ASA-TL/KG

Saddle element

  • Economic production of house service connections, in particular in case of a high building coverage

  • Possible applications for new installation, refurbishment, and later connection of drain pipes

  • Little space required thanks to compact component part, PVC / PP connecting pipes can be directly inserted into the sleeve element

  • Direct connection of the connecting pipes without interfering displacement or drain obstructions

  • Combined clamping and tapping tool FWFIT for economic processing

  • Bar code for fully automatic fusion with HDPE pipes from SDR 33 to SDR 11, taking into consideration the ambient temperature (temperature compensation)

  • Exposed, fixed heating coil for direct heat transfer to the pipe

Plug-in sleeve element

  • Safe guiding of the PVC / PP pipe thanks to a large insertion depth

  • SBR lip seal according to EN 681-1

  • Standardised material transition