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Historically developed pipe networks for gas and water supply consist of a large number of different pipe materials with different properties and outside diameters. The challenge for plant operators and installers is to cover the multitude of applications economically.

FRIACORE Connect & Repair - the Aliaxis repair portfolio offering all users a comprehensive, high-quality and thus sustainable range of mechanical jointing and repair solutions.



FRIASAFE - the revolution in pipeline construction

A problem solver for everything? Sounds like a pipe dream for all installers, plant owners and utilities. We make it come true: a high-performance solution which combines all features with trend-setting technology and revolutionary design to manage the current challenges of water networks effectively and efficiently. Safe and comfortable handling with minimum assembly time, developed and produced in Europe. 


Every FRIACORE product is designed to withstand the rigors of the job site. For example, ductile iron or steel products are supplied with the most advanced coatings for corrosion protection and a minimum service life of 50 years. Increasing demands for weight-optimized and resource-efficient components are increasingly promoting the use of our innovative lightweight products made of high-performance plastics & stainless steel.

The FRIACORE range also includes compression fittings for house connections, emergency lines and material transitions in smaller dimensions, as well as push-fittings for larger PE pipes. These reliable products made of high-performance plastics are designed for both easy assembly and absolute durability.

FRIASAFE restrained multi range coupling for the safe, fast and user-friendly repair, integration and extension of various pipe materials up to DN200

UltraGrip/FRIAGRIP restraint fittings made of ductile cast iron for the safe connection of different pipe materials during repairs, transitions and valve replacements. Dimension range DN32-600

FRIAFLEX stainless steel repair couplings for sustainable repair of broken cast iron or AZ pipes while avoiding harmful stresses in the pipe system. Dimension range DN80-200

FRIACLAMP stainless steel repair clamps for quick and permanent sealing of minor pipe damage such as corrosion nests. Dimension range DN40-400

Special products for flexible and restraint force-locking connection and repair of pipes of all types and sizes - either available from stock or made to measure. Dimension range DN50-2000 and larger

MAGNUM 3G compression fittings for PE pipes in house connections, emergency lines and many other applications, easy and quick to install. Dimension range d20-110

PHILMAC UNI universal compression fittings for material transitions on metal and plastic pipes. Dimension range d20-63Link to product catalog

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