FRIAMAT print eco

Universal fusion unit with easy documentation function

High performance due to innovative toroidal transformer technology with flow-optimized, active cooling.

High-resolution, extremely bright 4.3 “TFT color display. Easy documentation of fusion data. Memory space for up to 1,000 fusion logs.PDF file output to standard USB stick.

With reader wand or Mini-scanner, adapter bag, language selection, adjustable buzzer volume, manual emergency entry. Extra-long power cable (4 m) and extra-long fusion cable (5 m). Weight approx 18,0 kg.

The tool is delivered in a transport box.

Universal fusion unit with easy documentation function

Order ref. Design Article description Unit type w dd d1/DN d Thread Pipe d1 d2 Type DN R Rp Flansch_DN Flansch_PN Bereich einbaul RD_in_m Dimension Dimension Marking Ø Pipe PU PU repair areaRepair areadR Lmin Lmax D d3 L Range of tolerance d/pipe L1 L1 LP t t1 t2 z z1 z2 z3 h h1 h2 d x s Bundled coil lengthwith safety Circuits Connections Manholeheight Manhole diameter WPconnecting pipe D1/D2 Operating pressurerange pmin - pmax VN b1 B dk di SDR SW1 SW2 Z durch_k s s1 s2 tmin tmax durchm_laenge A H1 H2 x y L2 H Holes
D1 D2 D3 F b B1 B2 WSin mm Drilling
Ø da
e Turns
Innen_Kugeldurchgang t1 min t1 max t2 min t2 max Weight
Screws (pc. / size) Anzahl de Description Outlet dimension Basic size Reducer spherical shells Loaner c k l l1 l2 r Loop core diam. in mm E1 E a Artikelcode
613122 mit Lesestift 18.000
611122 mit Mini-Scanner 18.000

Technical details*


Unit type

Universal fusion unit with easy documentation function

Model with mini scanner

Order no. 611122

Model with reader wand

Order no. 613122

Maximum diameter

up to d 1200**

Input voltage range

AC 190 V - 250 V

Frequency range

44 Hz ... 66 Hz

Input current

AC 16 A max.


3,5 kW

Unit fuse

16 A slow acting

Fusion voltage

8 - 48 V

Output currend

max. 110 A

Fusion current monitor

Short circuit and interruption

Barcode type

Code 2/5 interleaved

Documentation of fusion data


Documentation of traceability data


Internal protocol memory

1000 fusion protocol

Manual barcode emergency entry


FRIAMAT preCHECK function


Remote Start-/Stop pass

optional (order no. 624003)

Working temperature range

-20°C ... +50° C



Connecting cable

5 m with shaped plug

Fusion cable

4 m with fitting connector, 4 mm diameter


approx. 18 kg

Measurements W x D x H

260 x 500 x 340 mm


IP 54 / Protection class I

Approval / Quality

CE, ISO 9001, WEEE-Reg.-No. DE 49130851, RoHS, REACH


Operating manual, transport box

* Specifications subject to change.

** With FRIAMAT PRINT ECO the fusion of FRIALEN- and FRIAFIT-Safety fittings up to d 900 over the temperature range of

-20°C up to +50°C is possible. The use for the processing of fittings from other manufacturers also up to d 1200 or

eventually higher ist basically possible. Please refer to the specific performance requirements of fittings from other

manufacturers in consideration of the predominant processing temperature.

*** At market launch: GER, GB, FR, RUS, IT, ES, PL, SE, HU, CZ, NL. Other languages in implementation.


Good reason for the Universal fusion unit with easy documentation function:

  • High performance due to innovative toroidal transformer technology with flow-optimized, active cooling
  • High-resolution, extremely bright 4.3 “TFT color display: The high-contrast graphic display remains legible even in the most unfavorable lighting conditions and from almost any position
  • Intuitive user guidance through clear menu structure. With error messages and acoustic signaling for status check of the user
  • Extra-long fusion cable (4m) and power cable (5m) for maximum freedom of movement on the construction site
  • With new, handy Mini-scanner or a proven reader wand
  • Robustly designed to suit tough conditions. The new housing geometry also allows a tilted position for easy operation
  • Continuous monitoring of the entire welding process and all device functions
  • With FRIAMAT preCHECK function: The most advanced way to fuse with foresight. The FRIAMAT automatically determines whether the next fusion can be performed completely to the end.

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