Pressure Tapping Valves with extra long outlet spigot and fast clamping lever RED SNAP

Tapping valve DAV SDR 11

  • Gas, Water and H2
  • Maximum pressure: gas 10 bar; water 16 bar
  • Material: PE 100
  • Quick release mechanism (RED SNAP):
    • Easy and error-free assembly
    • More quality and high safety
    • Save 50 % of the installation time
  • Integrated drill with upper and lower stop
  • Closing plug with internal sealing O-ring
  • Maximum 9 turns to open and close
  • Safety Technology
  • DVGW test mark: DV-6611AU2255


Suitable installation kit DBS with KlickFix function for wrench size SW14 (14 mm).

The outlet with nominal widths 63 / 40 is a solution with a reducing socket MR.

Nothing needs to be additionally installed when using hydrogen (H2).

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Areas of Application

The FRIALEN-Pressure Tapping Valves DAV are used for branches of unpressurised and pressurised gas and water pipelines. Outlet spigots are prepared for integration of excess flow valves.

Assembly Instructions

The fusion of the HD-PE distribution pipes and the service pipes with FRIALEN-Pressure Tapping Valves takes place by FRIALEN-fusing – leakproof and longitudinally strong.

The saddle and the outlet spigot have to be prepared according to the general assembly instructions (see “Assembly Instructions” for “FRIALEN-Safety Fittings for house service and supply pipes up to d 225”). This involves removing the oxide layer and cleaning the pipe surface covered by the saddle as well as the outlet spigot and the pipe end.

The assembly of the pressure tapping valve with fast clamping mechanism takes place within seconds with the fast clamping lever RED SNAP without additional tools.

For „Open/Close” the pressure tapping valve require 8 to 9 turns, depending to the dimension and design, by using an operating key type E according to DIN 3223.

(The tapping process need less turns, because of the intermediate position of the drill in supplied condition).

Good reasons for using the FRIALEN Pressure Tapping Valves DAV with fast clamping lever RED SNAP:

  • Compact part, solid injection molded body made from HD-PE

  • Simple and reliable assembly without any tool, thanks to the patented fast clamping lever RED SNAP

  • The flexible saddle compensates pipe tolerances and provides always an optimal, uniform buildup of melt pressure during the fusion

  • Fusing and tapping of the main under maximum permitted operating pressure gas/water

  • Simple start-up of the pressure tapping valve because of little tapping forces

  • No preventive measures necessary with regard to corrosion

  • Actuating spindle made from corrosion-resistant steel

  • Swarfless tapping due to rotating punching drill made of stainless steel

  • Punched-out pipe piece fits securely and permanent in the drill

  • Drill with solid upper and lower stop

  • Length of outlet spigot dimensioned for two fusion operations

  • Barcode exposed on fast clamping lever RED SNAP for easy scanning with readerwand or barcode scanner

  • Installation set DBS (EBS) is continuously telescopic and self supported in any extended position

  • Installation set with a sleeve tube bell with integrated locking function: connects the installation kit firmly to the DAV, unintentional release is prevented

  • A foam rubber ring in the sleeve tube bell prevents dirt from penetrating into the installation set

  • Subsequent tapping with the installation set DBS (EBS) from the surface box is possible

  • High torques can be transferred because of a solid construction