Long Couplers with integrated Pipelife Gas-StopTM system

FRIALONG long coupler with integrated Gas-StopTM safety equipment which automatically shuts down gas flow in the event of pipe damage caused e.g. by digging or drilling. Exposed heating coils for optimum heat transfer, large insertion depth, wide fusion zones as well as cold zones preventing molten material escape at the front and in the centre for processing without holding device. The universal type U meets all practical requirements of the operating pressure range and the required flow quantity. Type A/D, Uue and S with overflow.

The product is suitable from up to 20 % hydrogen.

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PE 100 SDR 11

Maximum working pressure type U, UUE, S: 5 bar (gas), type A/D: 1 bar (gas)

SKU d product.detail.attribute.kind BX PU D L t product.detail.attribute.bdb vn Weight
616199 32 U 40.0 1280 45 136.0 38 35 mbar - 5 bar 16 - 38 0.14
616201 50 U 20.0 640 68 175.0 54 35 mbar - 5 bar 38 - 91 0.35
616203 63 U 12.0 384 82 197.0 59 35 mbar - 5 bar 58 - 140 0.56
616200 32 UUE 40.0 1280 45 136.0 38 35 mbar - 5 bar 16 - 38 0.14
616202 50 UUE 20.0 640 68 175.0 54 35 mbar - 5 bar 38 - 91 0.35
616204 63 UUE 12.0 384 82 197.0 59 35 mbar - 5 bar 58 - 140 0.56
616205 32 A/D 40.0 1280 45 136.0 38 25 mbar - 1 bar 10 - 14 0.14
616207 50 A/D 20.0 640 68 175.0 54 25 mbar - 1 bar 25 - 36 0.35
616209 63 A/D 12.0 384 82 197.0 59 25 mbar - 1 bar 40 - 55 0.56
616339 32 S 40.0 1280 45 136.0 38 200 mbar - 5 bar 36 - 80 0.14
1 616340 50 S 20.0 640 68 175.0 54 200 mbar - 5 bar 110 - 240 0.35
1 616341 63 S 12.0 384 82 197.0 59 200 mbar - 5 bar 180 - 400 0.56
1 Delivery only in complete packaging unit

pmin – pmax: min. – max. operating pressure, i. e. incoming pressure Pipelife Gas-StopTM.

VN: nominal flow in m³/h for pmin – pmax, related to natural gas (d = 0.6 in standard condition 1013.25 mbar, 0°C)

The Universal type U meets perfectly the practical requirements of the operating pressure range and the required flow volume.

Type U is available without, or as type UUE with surplus flow opening.

The Special type S is designed for high nominal flow rates and adapted to the flow capacities of standard pressure regulators.

Type A/D, UUE, S: FRIASTOPP-Pipelife Gas-StopTM with surplus flow device

Surplus flow volume

A/D: 30 l/h with 100 mbar

UUE and S: 30 l/h with 1 bar.

Type U, S: FRIASTOPP-Pipelife Gas-StopTM without surplus flow device

Leak rate 3.0 l/h.

Other types on request.

FRIALEN-Safety fittings can be fused to pipes SDR 11 – 17.6. Minimum wall thickness s min ≥ 3 mm. Other SDR-stages on request. Please observe the marking directly at the product, which is mandatory. DVGW-Registration Nos.

FRIALONG = DV-8601AU2248.

Pipelife Gas-StopTM according DVGW G 5305-2 (01.10.2013) = DG-4360BP0060.

Areas of Application

FRIASTOPP is used for gas and service lines according to DVGW G459-1 appendix (12/03) with operating pressure from 25 mbar – 5 bar.

FRIASTOPP is a safety device which automatically cuts off the gas flow in the event of pipe damage, e.g. caused by dredging or drilling.

FRIASTOPP is best installed in the branch between mains and service line, immediately behind the service line valve.

The Pipelife Gas-Stop™ type selection takes place according to the minimum operating pressure and the required flow output based on consumption.

The universal type U covers the practical requirements of the operating pressure range and the required flow volume perfectly. Type U is available without, or as Type UUE, with surplus flow opening.


(see also leaflet on technical data “Pipelife Gas-Stop™” by Pipelife Austria GmbH & Co KG,

FRIASTOPP shuts off automatically at a defined gas flow as typically occurs with damaged gas service lines. Gas flow is cut off instantaneously and completely. The types A/D, UUE and S have surplus flow devices. The surplus flow amount available increases the pressure in the intact gas line allowing the Gas-Stop™ to reopen automatically.

Type A/D, UUE and S: Pipelife Gas-Stop™ with surplus flow device:

Surplus flow amounts over 30 l/h require additional passive safety measures according to DVGW-G459-1-B.

Types U and S without surplus flow opening are reopened when counter pressure (approx. mains pressure) is applied. It does not need to be made accessible for this purpose.

Assembly Instructions

FRIASTOPP is to be processed according to the installation and operating instructions which come with each FRIASTOPP.

Constricting the gas route by means of FRIASTOPP is possible up to 10 bar regardless of whether the Gas-Stop™ is open or shut. The initial mains pressure of the component can be gleaned from the data plate:

purple data plate (Type U) for 35 mbar to 5 bar

blue data plate (Type A/D) for 25 mbar to 1 bar

red data plate (Type S) for 200 mbar to 5 bar.

The use of this component should be marked at the main shut-off device of the building (appropriate label is included in the delivery).

Fusion of FRIASTOPP with the HD-PE service line takes place using the FRIALEN-fusion process – leakproof and longitudinally strong.

Installation is prepared according to the general installation requirements (see “Assembly Instructions” for “FRIALEN-Safety Fittings for house connections and distribution pipes up to d 225”), i.e. remove oxidic layer and clean.

Good reasons for using FRIASTOPP:

Factory made combination made from FRIALEN long coupler and Pipelife Gas-Stop™

The reduction of the cold zones by the integrated Pipelife Gas-StopTM is compensated in comparison to the standard coupler

Each FRIASTOPP fitting is subject to a functional control in our works

The exposed heating coil and the extra wide fusion zones ensure optimum heat transmission to the pipe

Additional barcode for tracing back the underground fitting (Traceability-Coding)

The fitting may be installed in any position

Each FRIASTOPP is marked with a own serial number

The type label is adhesive and can be directly applied for e.g. constructional logs

The Pipelife Gas-Stop™:

has a low pressure loss

is largely resistant to pollutants in the gas

is made from plastic and is therefore corrosion resistant and has a long life

is tried and tested millions of times in over twenty years

an increase in operating pressure possible anytime with suitable mains

is subject to a 100% function test

Universal type U: universal application, simple storage, no danger of confusion, low operational training cost

is easy to use

The Special Type S:

is suitable for higher nominal flow rates

enables an optimized dimensioning of connecting pipes

the nominal flow rates meet the requirements of standard pressure regulators