Long couplers with integrated Maxitrol excess flow valve

FRIALONG long coupler with integrated SENTRY GS safety equipment which automatically shuts down gas flow in the event of pipe damage caused e.g. by digging or drilling. Exposed heating coils for optimum heat transfer, large insertion depth, wide fusion zones as well as cold zones preventing molten material escape at the front and in the centre for processing without holding device. The universal type Z meets all practical requirements of the operating pressure range and the required flow quantity. Type D and Z with overflow.

The product is suitable from up to 20 % hydrogen.

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PE 100 SDR 11

Maximum working pressure type Z, B: 5 bar (gas), type D: 1 bar (gas)

SKU d product.detail.attribute.kind BX PU D L t product.detail.attribute.bdb vn Weight
616187 32 Z 40.0 1280 45 136.0 65 35 mbar - 5 bar 17 - 40 0.14
616188 40 Z 30.0 960 54 146.0 71 35 mbar - 5 bar 26 - 62 0.22
616189 50 Z 16.0 512 68 175.0 85 35 mbar - 5 bar 41 - 99 0.38
616190 63 Z 10.0 320 82 197.0 96 35 mbar - 5 bar 66 - 158 0.53
616191 32 D 40.0 1280 45 136.0 65 25 mbar - 1 bar 11 - 16 0.14
1 616193 40 D 30.0 960 54 146.0 71 25 mbar - 1 bar 19 - 27 0.22
616195 50 D 16.0 512 68 175.0 85 25 mbar - 1 bar 28 - 40 0.38
616197 63 D 10.0 320 82 197.0 96 25 mbar - 1 bar 51 - 72 0.53
616192 32 B 40.0 1280 45 136.0 65 100 mbar - 5 bar 26 - 60 0.14
1 616194 40 B 20.0 640 54 146.0 71 100 mbar - 5 bar 39 - 90 0.22
1 616196 50 B 10.0 320 68 175.0 85 100 mbar - 5 bar 58 - 135 0.38
1 616198 63 B 8.0 256 82 197.0 96 100 mbar - 5 bar 94 - 219 0.53
1 Delivery only in complete packaging unit

FRIALEN safety fittings can be fused to pipes SDR 11 - SDR 17.6. Minimum wall thickness s min ≥ 3 mm. Other SDR-stages on request. Please observe the marking directly at the product, which is mandatory. DVGW-Registration No.

FRIALONG = DV-8601AU2248.

Excess flow valve = DG-4360BO0438.

The universal type Z meets perfectly the practical requirements of the operating pressure range and the required flow volume. Type Z boasts a surplus flow opening. Other types on request.

p min – p max: min. – max. operating pressure, i.e. incoming pressure Maxitrol.

VN: nominal flow for p min – p max, related to natural gas d = 0.6 in standard condition (1013.25 mbar, 15 °C) in m3/h.

Type D, Z: Maxitrol with surplus flow device, maximum surplus flow volume D: 30 l/h with 100 mbar, Z: 30 l/h with 1 bar.

Type B: Maxitrol without surplus flow device, maximum leak rate 3.0 l/h.

Areas of Application

FRIASTOPP is used for gas and service lines according to DVGW G459-1 appendix (12/03) with operating pressure from 25 mbar – 5 bar. FRIASTOPP is a safety device which automatically cuts off the gas flow in the event of pipe damage, e.g. caused by dredging or drilling. FRIASTOPP is best installed in the branch between mains and service line, immediately behind the service line valve. The Maxitrol type selection takes place according to the minimum operating pressure of the network and the required flow output based on consumption.

The universal type Z meets perfectly the practical requirements of the operating pressure range and the required flow volume. Type Z boasts a surplus flow opening.


(see also info sheet on technical data “excess flow valve SENTRY GS for underground external pipe systems by Maxitrol). FRIASTOPP is subdivided into types D, B or Z depending on mains pressure range. It cuts off automatically at a defined gas flow volume as typically occurs when a gas service line is damaged. Gas flow is cut off instantaneously and completely. The types D and Z have surplus flow devices. The surplus flow amount here allows the pressure in the intact gas pipe to rise again to allow the gas flow monitor system to reopen automatically.

Type D, Z: Maxitrol with surplus flow device: surplus flow amounts of over 30 l/h require according to DVGW-G459-1-B additional passive safety measures in the building.

Type B without surplus flow opening is reopened by the application of counter pressure (ca. network pressure). It does not need to be made accessible again for this purpose.

Advice on Processing

FRIASTOPP is to be processed according to the installation and operating procedures. Constricting the gas route by means of FRIASTOPP is authorised up to 10 bar if the excess flow valve is open.

The initial mains pressure of the component may be read on the data plate:

- yellow data plate (Type Z) for 35 mbar to 5 bar,

- orange data plate (Type D) for 25 mbar to 1 bar,

- white data plate (Type B) for 100 mbar to 5 bar.

The use of this component should be marked at the main shut-off device of the building (appropriate label or ID card is included with the delivery). Fusion of FRIASTOPP with the HD-PE service line takes place using the FRIALEN fusion process – leakproof and longitudinally strong.

Installation is prepared according to the general installation requirements (see “Assembly Instructions” for “FRIALEN Safety Fittings for house connections and distribution pipes up to d225”), i.e. remove oxidic layer and clean.

Good reasons for using FRIASTOPP:

Factory made combination made from FRIALEN FRIALONG long coupler and Maxitrol excess flow valve

The reduction in the cold zones by the integrated GS is more than compensated in comparison with the standard coupler

Increased installation safety when using coiled pipes in domestic connections

The exposed heating coil and the extra wide fusion zones ensure optimum heat transmission

Additional barcode for tracing back the underground fitting (Traceability-Coding)

The excess flow valve

has been adjusted precisely in the factory (VN)

has low pressure loss

is largely resistant to pollutants in the gas

has been successfully applied many thousand times in Germany using these principles

has pressure increase from low to medium pressure possible with suitable network

Type Z: can be applied universally from 35 mbar to 5 bar, simple storage, no danger of confusion, low operational training cost