FRIAMAT print eco

Universal fusion unit with easy documentation function

High performance due to innovative toroidal transformer technology with flow-optimized, active cooling.

High-resolution, extremely bright 4.3 “TFT color display. Easy documentation of fusion data. Memory space for up to 1,000 fusion logs.PDF file output to standard USB stick.

With reader wand or Mini-scanner, adapter bag, language selection, adjustable buzzer volume, manual emergency entry. Extra-long power cable (4 m) and extra-long fusion cable (5 m). Weight approx 18,0 kg.

The tool is delivered in a transport box.

Order ref. Design Article description Unit type w dd d1/DN d Thread Rohr d1 d2 Type DN R Rp Flansch_DN Flansch_PN Bereich einbaul RD_in_m Dimension Dimension Marking Rohrdurchmesser Stockstatus PU PU repair areaRepair areadR Lmin Lmax D d3 L Range of tolerance d/pipe L1 L1 LP t t1 t2 z z1 z2 z3 h h1 h2 d x s Bundled coil lengthwith safety Circuits Connections Manholeheight Manhole diameter WPconnecting pipe D1/D2 Operating pressurerange pmin - pmax VN b1 B dk di SDR SW1 SW2 Z durch_k s s1 s2 tmin tmax durchm_laenge A H1 H2 x y L2 H Holes forscrew D1 D2 D3 F b B1 B2 WSin mm DrillingØ da e Turns
Innen_Kugeldurchgang t1 min t1 max t2 min t2 max Weight
FEHLT Anzahl de Description Outlet dimension Basic size Reducer spherical shells Loaner c k l l1 l2 r Loop core diam. in mm E1 E a Artikelcode
613122 mit Lesestift 1 18.000
611122 mit Mini-Scanner 1 18.000

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